An insight into the world around us here in La Paz.

Shadow Hunters

Just like humans, fish have different types of feeding patterns, they may be herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. There are 2 types of carnivorous fish – planktivores and piscivores. Planktivores eat tiny transparent animals such as zooplankton, often from open water. Piscivores eat mainly fish. Often you can tell the type of food as fish eats by the position of its mouth.

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Boat Trips La Paz

For Boat Trips in La Paz, this is a competitive market however we are confident in being the best trip operators. Our boat trips really do enable our guests to see the natural and everlasting beauty of the Sea of Cortez in a wholly unique manner.

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Boat Trips Sea of Cortez

A Boat Trip in the Sea of Cortez is a must do experience. From our boat you will be able to follow the migratory paths of various whales, including blue and fin and experience much of the other sea life the Sea of Cortez has to offer. This really is an experience like no other.

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Best Scuba Diving in Baja Mexico

The Sea of Cortez is the reason many visit Baja California Sur, the area is vast and has many popular diving regions: Los Cabos, Cabo Pulmo, La Paz and Loreto. Many dive sites can be accessed by day boats but the best way to explore is by liveaboard.
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Giant Manta Rays

In 2002, Giant manta Rays (Mobula birostris) were a common sight at one of the islands near La Paz.  North of Cerralvo Island is a small rock outcrop called La Reina, being that it is in the middle of open water this rock outcrop attracted huge numbers of schooling fish and giant mantas too.  This month, we are celebrating the return of the mantas! A few weeks ago a juvenile chevron giant manta at La Reina was tagged with a satellite transmitter.  This work is being carried about by a collaboration of different organisations (Pelagious Kakunja, Whale Shark Mexico, Pelagic Life) and to try to better understand their movements and lifestyle.
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