An insight into the world around us here in La Paz.

My favourite beaches around La Paz

Sun, Sea, Sand, Margaritas. That’s what most people think of when you say that you live in Mexico or perhaps you are going on holiday to Mexico. Here in and around La Paz we have some amazing beaches that are bound to make your friends and relatives jealous when they see the photos! This is a compilation of some of my favourites  some are well known and others are hidden gems. I’m not giving out directions – finding them is half the fun!

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Mangrove Madness

Mangrove ecosystems are incredibly important for wildlife and coastal protection, they are also rather unique in their makeup.  Around La Paz we have a number of different systems to explore and they harbor a wonderful array of wildlife.  They are great whether you see them on foot from the beach, by boat, kayak or snorkel!
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On a recent trip we got lucky enough to have a red footed booby come and spend some time on the boat with us. As I had not seen a red footed booby before it got me thinking that it should be the topic for this latest blog. Writing this today brings back memories from just over two years ago. Today the sky is overcast as we await for Hurricane Lorena to move past the Baja Peninsula, two years ago it was Tropical Storm Lidia. Thus far we have been very lucky this season as we have not received any hurricane or storm threat until this weekend. At the time of writing it seems as though Lorena will pass by the southern tip and the Los Cabos are before heading up the west coast of Baja and out to sea and thus giving us pacenos a bit of breathing room. As always we hope that everyone stays safe and out of harms way.


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Maintanence Month

When you run a boat charter company in La Paz and the beautiful Sea of Cortez people assume that your time is spent galavanting about on the ocean and the islands and seeing amazing sights and animals. Whilst I do get to do this from time to time, we also get to spend a fair amount of time doing other things such as paperwork, chasing permits, provisioning, staff training, marketing and boat maintenance.
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Grey Whale Madness

Imagine being in a huge lagoon with water almost as far as the eye can see until it is greeted by huge, desolate, desert islands. Welcome to Magdalena Bay. This beautiful and remote area is a nature lovers paradise with mangroves, birds, dolphins, sealions and whales, so many whales.   Many species of wales make the Baja Peninsula their winter home; they travel south from their summer feeding grounds in Alaska and British Columbia to enjoy the warmer waters to give birth and get a little frisky. The Pacific coast is a well-known seasonal home to grey whales. In the bays and lagoons of San Ignacio, Ojo de Liebre and Magdalena whales come in their hundreds to give birth and mate.
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