Boat Trips Sea of Cortez

A Boat Trip in the Sea of Cortez is a must do experience. From our boat you will be able to follow the migratory paths of various whales, including blue and fin and experience much of the other sea life the Sea of Cortez has to offer. This really is an experience like no other.

From our boat, you have the perfect setting and opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable way from which to see the Sea of Cortez at its very best. More than just this, we are also able to combine other activities such as snorkelling, hiking, birding, scuba diving and whale watching, all guided by ourselves. 

The Sea of Cortez is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which has a great deal of natural history, unspoiled beauty and marine life which is hard to be bettered. This is a must see area. It has one of the most bio-diverse seas and is home to thousands of species of marine mammals, birds, fish and invertebrates. It is also an area of raw untouched beauty; the ultimate place for the ultimate adventure. In terms of adventure, you must try and swim with the Whale sharks and also the playful sealions. 

In choosing El Duque Adventures, you are able to draw on the years of experience we have in guiding tours in this sea. This means we will take you the very best areas from which to spot and swim with Whale Sharks and see the extensive marine life present. This region really is world class and El Duque Adventures are the perfect tour guides for an excellent experience. We are qualified Dive Instructors, Captains, and Geographers.

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