El Duque is owned by your hosts Norman and Cat.  We moved to Baja California Sur after over 10 years each in the dive industry.  We are both PADI instructors with a passion for people and introducing them to the underwater world.  Returning to Norman's home country of Mexico was a dream made into reality with the acquisition of El Duque and with it a new lifestyle which we love.




Hailing from Mexico City, Norman is happy to return to his Mexican roots after leaving when he was 12 years old. With his teenage years being spent in Canada, Norman learnt to appreciate wide open spaces and cold water diving, but he longed for some warmer waters (after a few winters on the West Coast you'd understand!).  He went to work as a Dive Instructor in the Caribbean and spent many years in the Bahamas, Cayman Islands and Caribbean Mexico before returning North to Canada to work as a commercial diver in the little known surf town of Tofino.  He is excited to return to Mexico and to explore the diverse waters of the Sea of Cortez.  Norman has a passion for the water and loves problem solving with his 'can do', positive attitude.  In his free time he enjoys surfing and his motorbike.

Norman climbing hill



Cat is originally from the UK, and although she had an outdoors lifestyle it was one which involved horses rather that the ocean!  That is until learning to dive in Thailand and becoming hooked.  After completing her degree in Geography and working for a while as a High School Geography teacher she decided to become a teacher of a different kind and turned her passion for diving into a career and has experiened the underwater realm all over the world. It was whilst working in the Cayman Islands that Cat met Norman and began a new adventure together. They worked for a while in the tropics before moving to Canada for Norman to pursue his commercial dive career. Cat worked as a nature guide introducing peopl eto the temperate rainforest and intertidal zone. When the opportunity arose to acquire El Duque, she started to brush up (learn from scratch!) her Spanish and the rest is history. Cat has an eye for detail and loves introducing people, both new and experienced, to the little creatures below the surface.

cat scooba diving
cat at boat