We're not the only ones who enjoy our trips!  Please see what these guests had to say too:

"Cat and Norm: meeting you was one of the highlights of our lives. I'm telling everyone I know to seek you out. Beyond being incredible hosts, you are interesting and compassionate, conversant (while very conscious of space & boundaries), you have amazing senses of humor and stories to tell. I will never forget the three days we were with you, and I plan to return, with friends, family, and for a longer time next go-round. You downplay the incredible knowledge you have and you filled our time with surprises. You were infinitely patient with our 8 year old twin girls. We had no idea what we were in for. See you soon, we hope!" Jim Brunberg of Roam Schooled via our Facebook Page

"Cat and Norm are two amazing people, with great places to see and things to do! Very accommodating and makes you feel comfortable and right at home while out at sea! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to go out and have an adventure!"
Jessica from Kelowna Canada via our Facebook Page

"This winter break my friends and I travelled to La Paz, Mexico and stayed with El Duque Adventures for five days and four nights. It was truly one of the most memorable, wonderful trips I've taken in a long time. The Sea of Cortez is gorgeous, with it's arid desert landscape right up against a beautiful crystal blue ocean filled with wonderful marine life. The crew for El Duque, Cat and Norm, were professional, hospitable hosts who went above and beyond to make sure that we had fabulous stay at sea. They were flexible with changes necessary because of unexpected weather, provided non-stop activities and entertainment and prepared wonderful meals and snacks (making sure that all of dietary needs were met including for a few of us who are vegan!)- Cat made homemade tamales, tortilla soup, fresh salads and juices, tacos, sopas, and even fresh hot cocoa and banana shortbread to warm us after a cold dive! Those of us who scuba dive did several wonderful dives and one person in our group did a discovery scuba dive because she's not certified yet. But it was a great trip for the non-divers in our group as well!- between sunning on the boat deck, kayaking, marine biology lessons in tide pools, snorkeling, hiking and reading on a nearby beach, playing board games, talking and sharing music...- no one was ever bored and everyone in our group had a wonderful time. A highlight was definitely snorkeling with curious, young sea lions who came right up to play and interact with you! We also, after years of trying, were able to snorkel with whale sharks right off the coast of La Paz! Cat and Norm are warm, fun and have years of experience around the world diving and teaching. It was such fun to spend New Years eve with them out at sea, sleeping under the stars. I would HIGHLY recommend El Duque for your next family, friend, or solo adventure!" Sarah from Oakland, Ca via TripAdvisor

"I stayed 7 days with El Duque Adventures and was one of the most amazing experiences in my life!  I had the chance to dive for the first time and was so easy thanks to the awesome instructors Cat and Norm, who were super professional, friendly and funny. We were taken to remote places to swim with the whale sharks, sea lions, and mobulas. We fished our dinner, played with the kayak, and chilled in the beautiful boat.  The cabin was super clean and comfortable, including a private bathroom with shower. I would highly recommend booking with them for an unforgettable trip. The service, food, and crew was outstanding. I would be very happy to come back next year. Thanks again to El Duque Adventures for a wonderful holiday!" Hector from Berlin, Germany via TripAdvisor

"I recently had the pleasure of spending 4 days on El Duque with our scuba group. I can't speak highly enough of the experience we had staying with Cat, Norman, and Dave. The boat was very comfortable, and the relaxed and accommodating nature of the crew made the stay an epic experience. We spent most days diving at dawn with the sea lions, exploring some of the wrecks and rocks on later dives, and ending the day anchored in a beautiful bay eager to do it all over again.

Staying on El Duque felt like visiting some good friends that happen to own a boat in one of the most beautiful places I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. A month later and we still can't get this trip out of our heads, with a strong desire to come back as soon as possible." Ben from Chicago via TripAdvisor

"I recently met Captain Norman & Cat; what a lovely, friendly couple. I was also lucky enough to go out for an afternoon & sunset cruise with them. Fantastic day! We had about 16 people on board with us and what a great time we had. I was happy that Captain Norm went over a safety discussion prior to us leaving the dock and they were well equipped should something unforeseen happen. It's a large boat so there is room for everyone to find a spot, whether you want to be with the whole group or have a few minutes to yourself. The sea of Cortez is amazing and we were lucky enough to see Dolphins frolicking in the water, Rays jumping and even a whale!! We also went near an island that was covered in sea lions, wonderful. While we were driving around enjoying the sea life, there were wonderful drinks (watermelon juice) and snacks out for you to help yourself to if you wanted. After a while we dropped the anchor in a bay (no other boats there), it had a beautiful beach and we all jumped into the emerald warm water from the boat and swam around. Some people kayaked, some snorkelled and some suntanned while listening to the sea lions on the neighbouring rocks, what an experience. They were very accommodating with life jackets, floatation rings etc for the people who weren't big swimmers, they went out of their way to make sure everyone had what they need to feel great. There is easy access on and off the boat into the water which was fabulous. Later we were served (buffet/family style) an amazing meal, ceviche, potato salad, coleslaw, beef, shredded pork, shrimp, veggies and on and on and of course beverages of your choice. Cat did an amazing job on the food and her main concern at all times was to make sure that all the guests were doing great and had everything they needed. On our way back in the wind did pick up a bit but I felt extremely safe and was impressed with Captain Norman's skill and handling of the boat. Most of the guests didn't even notice the winds as they were enjoying themselves dancing, so fun. All in all it was a great day and I would HIGHLY recommend going out with them. Very professional but fun couple who want to make your experience the best that it can be!!"  Ann-Marie of Ontario, Canada via our Facebook Page.

"Cat and Norm are AMAZING, PASSIONATE, and DEDICATED. This is not a job for them, this is a calling! They make your trip and stay away the best it can be. Their knowledge is outstanding and you get to take part of that away with you at the end of your stay. Not only are you able to take trips out by water there are so many things to see and do in the local area. If you are thinking is this the holiday for you, stop thinking and book - you WON'T regret it. We will be going back!  Thank you so much Cat & Norm we have some amazing memories to take home with us!"  Eleanor from England via TripAdvisor