Imagine a luxury camping trip with your closest family and friends except this time you're on a boat - diving, snorkelling, kayaking, island exploration. The choice is yours.  Luxury is a state of mind - it is not about marble sinks and high thread counts - luxury is less tangible.  It's rarity: having an experience few people get to have. It’s challenge: being pushed ever so gently to the edge of your comfort zone. And it’s this amazing planet: getting an up-close view of spectacular, little-touched nature, in the company of expert guides whose passion is infectious.  That is our brand of luxury adventure. 
El Duque is your opportunity to explore the Sea of Cortez.  A relaxed and friendly crew will take you to explore above and below the beautiful blue waters of Baja California Sur.  Our trips are designed for those with a with a sense of adventure, who want to get off of the beaten track and explore.

We can accommodate upto 12 people for a day or a week (or anything in between!).  We will coordinate with your group to ensure that the trip is catered to your requirements and to take advantage of the seasonal events taking place here.