Maintanence Month

When you run a boat charter company in La Paz and the beautiful Sea of Cortez people assume that your time is spent galavanting about on the ocean and the islands and seeing amazing sights and animals. Whilst I do get to do this from time to time, we also get to spend a fair amount of time doing other things such as paperwork, chasing permits, provisioning, staff training, marketing and boat maintenance.

This month El Duque is out of the water getting some routine maintenance done and a fresh coat of bottom paint. During this time Norman and I are working on some projects to keep the boat in top working conditions and constantly looking for ways to improve our trips. I have been testing out some new recipes (Norman says it is part of his job to be the guinea pig!) and working on my Spanish. Norman has been helping out in the yard and also helping our neighbours at the marina with their boat maintenance. 

So whilst May and June may be slower months for trips we have still been able to keep ourselves busy! May and June whilst traditionally a quieter time here in La Paz between Spring Break and Easter Holidays and Summer holiday season is still a lovely time to visit Baja California Sur. The water is starting to warm up now and whilst it is not at its peak that change in temperature brings with it new visitors. There are large schools of mobula rays around right now and there have been a few orca sightings too (they like a nice mobula ray snack!). The weather is also agreeable with less wind during the day and a cool breeze at night and temperatures in the 80’s. It is a good time to consider if you are looking to explore the area and are hoping to see some of the wonders of Mexico.


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