If you would like to experience diving in the Sea of Cortez then what better way than on a liveaboard? We can cater for anything from 2 days to a week depending upon your schedule.  We vary our itinerary depending upon many factors - experience level and weather conditions included.

Example Itinerary 

Day 1: Welcome to La Paz! Arrive on the boat in the morning, welcome and set up. Travel out to Espiritu Santo, complete checkout dive and do some snorkelling.  Make sure that you are ready to dive by checking your buoyancy and equipment

Day 2: Dive a mixture of wrecks and reefs.  La Paz has excellent wrecks both natural and artificial with lots of history and marine life.  They are also great for doing specialty courses or photography. (3 dives)

Day 3: Dive at Los Islotes.  Experience the wonder of diving with sealions - often playful and curious the sealions of Los Islotes requires more than 1 dive to appreciate them to the fullest.  The are many different areas at this site so you can have great variety.  The sealions may be the stars of the show but the abundant fish and invertebrate life are worthy characters in their own right.  As we spend the night nearby you can be assured that you won't have the crowds of the day boats for your experience here. (2-3 dives)

Day 4: Dive at a mixture of reefs depending on what you want to see. Return to dock about 5pm. Depart for dinner in town and your overnight accommodation in La Paz.

Night diving is possible during the trip - we don't usually offer it every night as it depends on our location and the travel needed but we can ensure that you do at least one during your stay.